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Florsheim offers a wide range of classic and casual shoes for everyday wear as well as new styles always updated according to the fashion trends and produced at the high quality levels which made Florsheim appreciated during the years.


The Florsheim Imperial Collection is meticulously craftedusing exceptional quality leathers for a result that is unequaled. With elegant silhouettes and inspired detailing, the Florsheim Imperial Collection truly makes an impression. SHOP IMPERIAL >>


Comfort is always a priority. Equipped with patented Comfortechnology, shoes stay dry, absorb impact and ensure superior comfort in any situation. Florsheim Comfortech looks great, and feels even better. SHOP COMFORTECH >>


The Royal Imperial collection is carrying on the Florsheim tradition that began in 1892 committed to making shoes using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. The Royal Imperial Collection combines some of the most famous Goodyear welted classic styles with contemporary lasts produced using the finest leathers.



In 1892, Milton Florsheim began producing shoes in a small factory located in Chicago, Illinois. The first pairs of Florsheim shoes were made by Milton and his father, Sigmund. From the very beginning, Florsheim shoes were a remarkable combination of style, comfort and high quality workmanship.

It was not long before Milton realized he wasn’t just building shoes, but a full-scale company. He began to develop a strong distribution network to ensure that his exceptional footwear found its customers. Milton took a lot of pride in his products, but even more pride in his company. It was something that he created on his own, an embodiment of the American Dream.

In a fast growing nation where a new class of working men and professionals emerged, Florsheim came to symbolize success. This is a tradition that we continue today. The company has today expanded its product range to include a major variety of more casual styles, as well as special lines such as Florsheim Imperial and Florsheim Limited. Over the years thanks to the wider distribution network and the opening of its own stores, Florsheim has consolided the presence throughout the world becoming a leading brand in the men’s non athletic footwear market.

The Florsheim brand is now owned by Weyco Group Inc. of Milwaukee, USA which, in turn, belongs to the Florsheim family.

International distribution of Florsheim products is done through subsidiaries and licensee companies throughout the world: Florsheim Australia, Florsheim Asia Pacific, Florsheim Japan, Florsheim Mexico, Florsheim Canada.

Florsheim Shoes Europe Srl, the European branch, with its head office in Calenzano (Florence) offers a collection targeted specifically for the European market and distributes Florsheim products throughout the countries via a network of agents and dealers.

The wide selection and the large quantity of shoes available in stock at the warehouse in Florence allows to make fast and precise deliveries for eventual re-orders as well.


1892 Milton Florsheim starts The Florsheim Shoe Company in Chicago. The first Florsheim retail store opens shortly after. As the shoes gain popularity, they are featured in magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and The Cosmopolitan.

1896 In an early example of brand-building years ahead of its time, the Florsheim name is added onto the pullstrap and inside of every shoe to let consumers know that they are purchasing a "genuine Florsheim."

1898 Florsheim supplies boots to American soldiers serving in the Spanish-American War.

1900 Florsheim introduces the Flor-Scope to its retail stores. In the early 1900s, it was common to use a fluoroscope to x-ray a customer's foot to ensure a proper fit.

1908 Florsheim becomes a household name across the country thanks to a successful advertising campaign and a general knowledge of the brand.

1917 Florsheim becomes one of the principal manufacturers and suppliers of boots to American soldiers fighting in World War I.

1922 Florsheim responds to the growing popularity of golf by introducing a line of golf shoes to meet the demand, fresh on the heels of Gene Sarazen winning both the US Open and the PGA Championship at the incredible age of 20.

1926 Florsheim launches a new trend to appeal to an ever more style-conscious consumer and the nation’s first square- toed shoe appears in magazines.

1931 For ladies in search of the same level of quality they observed in Florsheim men's shoes, Florsheim produces its first-ever line of women's shoes.

1933 From 1930 to 1933, Florsheim becomes the title sponsor of Florsheim Shoe Frolic, a radio show on NBC featuring bandleader Guy Lombardo.

1935 Florsheim designs a line of custom golf shoes for the United States' Ryder Cup team, who snagged a victory at the competition in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

1937 Florsheim designs shoes for the tallest man who ever lived, Robert Pershing Wadlow. Robert was 8’11 at the age of 22 and wore a size 37 boot. He spent much of 1937 promoting Florsheim shoes across the country.

1941 America enters World War II. Eager to do their part, Florsheim begins producing shoes for our troops. In fact, before long, half of all the shoes Florsheim makes go toward the war effort.

1949 The Florsheim Shoe Company unveils a gleaming, state-of-the-art factory in downtown Chicago.

1952 Between 1952 and 1971, Florsheim expands its production and sales to 14 factories and 500 retail stores nationwide.

1958 Florsheim retail stores revolutionize the industry by bringing shoes out of the back rooms and into stores for customers to browse freely. This novel practice soon becomes the norm in shoe stores all across the country.

1959 Florsheim sponsors two major golf tournaments—the Bing Crosby Pebble Beach Classic, popularly known as the Crosby Clambake, and the Thunderbird Invitational, now known as the Bob Hope Desert Classic.

1966 By 1966, a pair of Florsheim shoes is sold every 4 seconds.

1979 The Riva slip-on dress shoe is introduced and becomes Florsheim's top selling shoe. It is still one of our most popular styles today.

1984 The Florsheim Express Shop is introduced in all Florsheim retail stores. The first of its kind in the world, this innovative computer kiosk allows customers to order any shoe from the entire Florsheim line, rather than restricting sales to what is in stock.

2002 In May of 2002, the Florsheim trademark returns to its roots when purchased by Weyco Group. The senior officers of the company are fifth generation Florsheim and proud to carry on the family tradition that Milton started. They are committed to creating shoes that embrace Florsheim's heritage of quality, craftsmanship and timeless styling.

2010 Florsheim introduces Florsheim by Duckie Brown, a partnership between Florsheim and the fashion-forward menswear designer, and Florsheim Limited, a premium collection that features modern reinterpretations of timeless classics.


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